JFY String Inverters.

iXCEED Series Solar Inverter
  • Reduce your electricity bill to Rs 30/=
  • 1Solar solution protect against Inflation & Rising energy cost
  • Increase the value of your Home / office

Solar power will change the world. Because we are changing the world of solar power to electricity.

The sun is big enough for everybody,and with our solar power solution for SRI LANKA, you will yield enough power for all your needs, while getting a high return on your investment and saving the SRI LANKA at the same time.

Getting access to solar power has never been so easy - big or small for all. Easy to use, reliable and affordable solar solution for everybody.

We know that every business is in the business of making a profit. With our power solution for commercial use, you will be saving on the cost of energy while saving the world at the same time.

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