Micro inverter Technology

Micro inverter converts direct current to alternative current synchronizes with the main grid.

Micro inverters manage one solar panel each, parallel connection, Traditional central inverters, which manage an entire PV panels connected in series.

micro inverter technologhy new 2016 v2

1. Doubled lifetime and reliability.

  1. Micro inverters deals with low power components (24V-50V) are not subjected to high operating stress therefore life time is double compared to Traditional central inverter.

2. Maximized energy harvest

  1. Individual optimization for solar harvesting which increases total output by 16% compared with a Traditional central inverter ,Micro inverters use stable "Individual DC levels MPPT" to enhance the quality of output power.
  2. Reduced power loss with shade, dust and debris.

3. No single –Point failure

  1. If a Traditional central inverter fails production will be lost or zero. If one micro inverter fails the other units keep producing power.
  2. In a Traditional central inverter solar system, if a panel fails production will be lost or zero. In a micro inverter solar system if a panel fails other panels keep producing power.

4. Smart Real time online monitoring of each panel's output / power generation.

  1. Easy troubleshoot faulty panels without physical or manual inspection.
  2. Minimum time required to identify performance issues in the system.

5. Dc High Voltage risk & Fire Safety

  1. In the Traditional central inverter DC string contains dangerous levels of DC voltage in the roof (150V800V) even after string isolation via DC isolator or string fuse the PV panels will still be connected in series producing high DC Voltage in the roof.

6. Simple Design

  1. Plug& Play chain installation, No string sizing calculations & DC wiring
  2. Can be used in different size, Capacity, Ageing, PV modules, & different roof orientations for maximum space utilization & different type of PV panels in a single loop.

7. Micro inverters completely prevent from dust and humidity, fully covered in silicon material and inside an ambient resistant, aluminum casing, no moving parts inside the Micro Inverters & installed on the roof. Traditional central inverters are bulky and noisy & indoor unit.

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