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Our Solar Street Light Projects

solar street lightMicro PC Systems is the #1 Solar Street Lighting System provider in Sri Lanka.

We supply required products and if necessary our technicians will install them in any part of Sri Lanka with perfect lighting and after sales service. Our products carry warranties and are certified for safe usage and with long lasting un- interrupted lighting service.

Our system consists of solar cell, batteries and led bulbs that are specially designed and produced to meet the Sri lanka weather conditions. Affordable price. Elegant design.Durable usage of solar lighting.

We have implemented Solar Street Lighting Systems in the following areas.

To view the images of these projects click on the link and it will take you to our blog. micropcsystem-solarpower.blogspot.com


Chavakachcheri P.S
Chavakachcheri U.C
Kayts P.S
Pointpedro U.C
Pointpedro P.S
Malagam P.S
Puttur P.S
Chunnakam P.S
Manipay P.S
Chulipuram P.S
Delft P.S
Nallur P.S
Velanai P.S
Karainagar P.S
Valvettithurai P.S
Karaichchi P.S
Pachchilaippalli P.S
Poonagari P.S


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 Solar street light Solar street light Solar street light
 Solar street light  Solar street light  Solar street light
 Solar street light  Solar street light  Solar street light