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Solar Electricity Offer For Sri Lanka.

Here is the best Solar Power System Installation offer from us. Get your system to save on your monthly home electricity bill that used to be running high when you happened to use your home appliances with the Government’s grid electricity. We had planned and installed these types of solar electric system in many houses all over the island. Long lasting warranty for the products will leave you to be happy with our installations in your home. Visit our office to get more information on this system that is used by lot of homes in Sri Lanka.

2.5 - 6.0 kW Solar Systems Available at Special Price
2.5 – 6.0 kW Solar Systems Available at Special Price. Read More

120 Units/Month.1kW Solar System For Your Home.

Price: Rs 29,170 X 12 Months

Micro PC Systems will install the following Solar Electric System at Your Home.

0% Interest X 12 Months. For HNB, SAMPATH, AMEX , HSBC, COMMERCIAL AND SEYLAN credit card holders.

Panels: Renasola Solar 250 watt poly crystalline modules

Envertech Micro Inverter 500W 2 Nos

Single Phase AC.

Digital KWh Meter to view solar power generation

Imported Mounts, Panels mounted on Anodized Aluminium framework along with stainless-steel

System installation and testing in 2/3 days

If you are using around 210 units/month or less,

Use the first 90 units from CEB/ LECO and pay around 850/= monthly, and the rest will be generated by the Solar System.

Single 250W Panel with 250w micro inverter can generate 30units per month


Micro Inverters Manufacturer’s warranty 15 years & Extendable up to 25 Years.

Panels 10 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty & 25 Years Power Warranty / linear performance warranty

On completion of the solar system, we can submit application for net meter at CEB or LECO.

The documentation part will be handled by Micro PC Systems

CEB/ LECO will issue an estimate for the new meter after inspection, the meter will be installed by CEB / LECO after the estimate amount has been paid by the customer.

Application charges 2000/-

Single Phase Meter is around Rs. 7,500-12,000/-

Three Phase Digital Meter 45,000/- to 55,000/-

All the equipments are approved by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority for to use with Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (LECO)

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