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Solar Inverters


Micro PC Solar supplies the following micro inverter for thier customers.

Product: Microinverter

This EVT500 Microinverter is coming as one of the top cutting-edge procuct for the microinverters in the Solar power system. It is fabricated to meet high productivity and stability. EVT500 help to improved better solar energy harvest, highest possible reliability with much simplified installation and most efficient management of solar power systems installed by the micro PC Systems..

Each of the EVT500 is connected to two solar panels with two MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) respectively to each of the laid panels. This kind of unique configuration minimize shading, dust, orientation or panel aging and eliminates the possibility of single-point failure, thus improving the system’s harvest to maximum point.

Special Features

  • No Single Point
  • Doubled Lifetime & Realiability
  • Maximized Energy Harvest
  • Smart Real Time Online Monitoring
  • No DC High Voltage Risk & Fire Safety
  • Simple Design

Special Price Available For System Integrators

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Micro Inverter

IEEE 1547 Certified
  • Microinverter Solution
  • 140-144 Units – 1.2KW
  • Rs. 350,000.00

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