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    Sri Lanka solar energy provider.

    Sri Lanka solar energy provider E Green Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, One of the largest solar company in Sri Lanka. We will give you Zero Electricity Bill for your residence, shopping mall, factory or office complex. Solar powered electricity provides way to live cost efficient and green life that will support your environment. You can earn money from the surplus production of electricity on monthly basis. Solar projects are supported by the Sri Lanka Government. Our solar system will provide electricity for your home, office, and shops, even if you don’t have national grid. E Green Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the leading professional solar power system provider in Sri Lanka. We will connect your solar system to the Government’s electricity grid through the net meter. Excess power will be sent to the grid at day time and in the night time you can draw electricity from the grid for your usage through the Net Meter. We will calculate and make it to be balanced to make the bill to be zero consumption from the grid.

    Sri Lanka solar electricity

    Our solar experts will calculate and layout a perfect Sri Lanka solar system that will generate enough solar electricity with the latest technology to make your monthly electricity bills to be zero. Micro PC Systems will assist you to save money through this solar electricity system which will give you the investment in the long run. We are reputed all over Sri Lanka for Solar power installations and solar street lighting systems. You can pay with your own funds for this solar panel projects or we will guide you to get loans from a local bank to provide enough fund to initiate your solar power generators. This way you can fulfill your energy needs and that loan can be settled within 7 years of period with easy re-payment plan. Most of our satisfied Sri Lanka solar customers who are benefiting from this solar electricity are here to provide the facts about their solar systems and the benefits

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    Zero Electricity Bill.

    Sri Lanka gets good sun light through out the year. So with the solar powered electricity you can make your home with zero monthly electricity bill. Even you can sale the produced excess electricity to the CEB and make money. Stand out in the community as a green environmentalist. We will plan and lay solar panels on your roof top or around your home to get maximum sun light and turn it in to electricity. Also we will assist you with the application process to fit a Net-Meter from the electricity board in your home. Our experienced staff will guide you to get solar loans from the banks. Why wait call now for your quotation.

    Sri Lanka solar

    Sri Lanka Solar Powered Street Lamp Projects.

    Micro Pc Systems Management and staff along with our skilled workers work out with the local authorities to provide street lighting projects to illuminate the country side with the Solar Powered Electric lamp posts. These lamp posts are specially designed by us and are good for streets, lanes and garden areas. They convert the sun light in to electricity and store them in batteries. When it becomes dark, mounted photocells will detect it and switch on the LED bulbs to give bright lighting to the surrounding area. Even in the rainy days it can provide power with the saved solar electricity. These systems are provided by us at low price with different bulb sizes.

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    Solar Powered Electricity For Businesses.

    Solar power installation provided by Micro Pc System to business had helped them to overcome the heavy monthly electricity bill with their correct investment. Our expert consultants will calculate and guide you to get bank loans to overcome your heavy monthly electricity bills. Our team of solar panel system providers will look after the required maintenance services from our nearest office. Read More..

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    Latest Technology in Solar PV Systems

    Solar PV Systems absorbs the most light and turn it in to cheap electricity with the industry's latest technology support that was developed by our partnering product and instrument suppliers. Our well trained staffs have the knowledge on how to handle these latest technology powered solar systems and the usage of the latest advanced solar technology to give you the maximum benefit from the installed light to electricity panel systems.​

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