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    Commercial solar power system

    Solar power system is the best option to introduce in your commercial venture. On the long run it will reduce your electricity usage cost and it will reduce the production cost or will increase the profit every year from your business.

    Micro PC Systems the professional solar system providers in Sri Lanka. Our solar power technicians will visit your complex to check whether we can use your roof top for laying the solar PV panels or we have to use your surrounding ground area to install them. Also they will look after the areas shadow and the sun light providing area to provide you with perfect electricity supplying system for your commercial property. Your commercial property can be a factory, hospital, hotel, large cattle farm, shopping mall or super market, we will visit the site and inspect it and then will draw a plan specially designed to make your monthly electricity bill to be a zero one. If you need more electricity we will provide assistance to you to obtain it.

    We offer on-grid system and off-grid system to cater you electricity needs. We had successfully installed these solar systems in many factories and hotels along with domestic users.

    We will provide in-house solar power monitoring devices to view your solar electricity production and usage.

    Solar power Sri Lanka
    financing for solar system

    Financing of Solar Electricity Systems.

    Financial assistance you may need to start with the solar power system is available through many banks which are ready to provide loan facility for your project with easy payment facility with low interest rate at the long run. Also there are credit plans available for the major credit card holders with zero monthly interest payments.

    • Call our office now; our friendly staff will guide you to achieve your goal without any problems.
    • They will guide you with the project financing and Net-Meter application process.
    • Our solar panels carry 25 years warranty and the inverter carries 5 year warranty.
    • Mounting system carries 10 years warranty and workmanship carries 5 year warranty.
    • Don’t forget we have the industries best after sales service Team to look after your needs.

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