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    MiPaq Solar home power supply system.

    Backup for Security System

    Available Models.

    MIPAQ 1.5kVA
    MIPAQ 2.0kVA
    MIPAQ 3.5kVA
    MIPAQ 5.0kVA
    MIPAQ 3.2kVA

    off grid solar inverter controller

    Model: Nos MIPAQ 1.5kVA

    5W  x 10Pcs x 4 Hours.
    20W x 4Pcs x 4 Hours.
    70W x 1Pc x 4 Hours.
    100W x 2Pcs x 4 Hours.
    300W x 1Pc x 1 Hours.
    300W x 4Pcs x 4 Hours.

    • Deep Cycle Battery 400AH Conversion Efficiency
    • Voltage AC 220 OUTPUT  / DC 12V INPUT
    • Output Power AC 220V or 110V (50Hz/60Hz +/- 0.3 Hz Automatic check)
    • Output Voltage 1000W
    • Output wave from Pure sine ware
    • Conversion Efficiency 98%
    • Input voltage DC 12V
    • Input current 10A (Max)
    • AC Charging current 30A
    • Charging mode AC 220V /110V or Generator – DC <10ms DC – AC<10ms
    • Switch time for systems to grid
    • Ambient Temperature.-10C +55C
    NoAppliancePowerQuantiy PCSWork ime hoursTotal power in wattsTotal power (wh)
    1LED (Lamps)510450200
    3LED TV701470280
    5Washing Machine30011300300

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