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    Residential Projects​

    Residential Solar Electricity.

    Residential Solar Electricity can  be obtained through the solar electricity generating system implemented by us. It can be either Off-Grid solar inverter or through the grid inverter according to your wish.The system will be enough to supply electricity for your lighting, TV, Refrigerator, washing machine and other appliances. We will calculate your requirements and will come with the correct solar power solution at cheap price.MiPAQ Solar Home Power System.

    1.5 kVA, 2.0 kVA, 3.5.kVA , 5.0 kVA and many more.

    No Power cut with off grid invertor.

    What we will supply?

    Solar Panels : Produce direct current (DC)

    Inverters : Convert direct current into alternating current

    Main Distribution Panel : Usual contact point for generated alternating current

    Appliances and other electricity consuming equipment

    Net Metering electric meter (Supplied by the CEB after signing Contact)

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