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    Solar power electricity for homes and bungalows

    Solar power generated electric supply for your homes, Apartments and Bungalows is the perfect solution for to save money in long run. Our Technicians will visit to your location to check and implement a professional solar electric system that can make your monthly electricity bills to become zero. Our team of Solar experts are with much experience for perfect calculation, planning and layout of a solar electric system on your roof or on the grounds. There is no need to have a battery bank in your residential area, instead we will connect your system to the national power grid through the CEB’s “Net-Meter”.

    We will visit your location for to check the sun light path and to verify your electricity usage. Then we will suggest what kind of solar panel system will suit your needs. We don’t charge any fees from you for this kind of visit.

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    How Solar Electric works?

    Electricity produced by your system in the day time will be sent to the national grid through the net meter system. In the night time when electricity is requested to operate your home gadgets and appliances, you can get the necessary units of electricity from the national grid.

    Our perfect planning and implementation will make your produced electricity to be equal to the electricity you used from the national grid. So you will not use any excess electricity from the national grid. Thus your monthly electricity will become ZERO.

    So switch on your hall air conditioner, sit on your sofa with your family and watch your favorite movie in the comfort of your home without thinking of the monthly electricity bill. There is no need to run around the home to switch off the lamps to save electricity. You can use our specially designed solar electric producing system for your home to switch on your power hungry electric ovens and A/C without the fear of heavy monthly electricity bills.

    It is not a problem whether you are using single phase or three phase electricity in your home.

    Also we will advice you with the CEB application process to get the Net-Meter from the Electricity board.

    Financing for the system.

    All major banks cards are acceptable with zero monthly interest rate.
    Special interest rate, repayable up to 5 years. Recently MicroPCSystems took a big leap in the solar power sector by Joining hands with the NSB (National Saving Bank) to introduce and to promote the Solar power usage in homes and shops in the Kilinochchi district. Thousands of residents and business people in this Kilinochchi area were had the chance to view the solar power harvesting and its domestic usage demonstration.

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    After Sales Service.

    EGreen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd offers excellent after sales service with their qualified technicians. They will solve your solar power systems troubles in quick time at your home.

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