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    LECO Solar Loan
    Get LECO Solar Loan Now!

    Solar installation loan is good for people who want to pay their solar power installation through monthly installment.

    According to the Sri Lanka Governments’ energy development plan, LECO Customers can get SOLAR LOAN up to Rs 1,000,000 and pay it back along with their monthly LECO Bill.

    LECO (Lanka Electricity Company Limited) customers are allowed to get up to Rs 1, 000,000/- as SOLAR Loan for the first 2,000 customers. This loan program is good for those customers who have monthly electricity bill more than Rs 3,000 or expected to get increased electricity tariff in the near future.

    The re-payment plan is arranged through LECO electric bill.

    This program is live for a period of 06 months.

    About the Loan

    • Loan facility available only to LECO consumers. (Sorry, CEB customers are excluded)
    • Maximum amount is up to Rs 1.5 Million (1,500,000/-).
    • Loan interest rate @ 8%.
    • Guarantors are not required.
    • Pay back method for capital and interest, can be paid through the LECO monthly electricity bill.

    Conditions For The Loan

    1. Below Rs.500,000, 90% paid under loan, 10% by the customer
    2. Below Rs.1,000,000, 75% paid under loan, 25% by the customer.
    3. Loan amount Rs.1,000,000, more than 25% paid by the customer and the balance can be paid through loan.
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