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    Solar water pumping system

    • No Electricity Required. No External Battery Required.
    • Here is our Best Sri Lanka Solar water pumping System.
    • Our System converts DC power from Solar PV Panels into AC power and operates the water pump.
    • We are the Leading Solar Water Pumping System Provider in Sri Lanka.
    • We provide from 0.5 Hp to 55Hp Solutions.
    • Go Solar. Save money. Clean Energy and Green Sri Lanka.
    • We provide from 0.5 Hp to 55 Hp Solutions.

    Best Pumping System

    1 Hp  5 panel system     Rs 195,750/-
    2 Hp 10 panel system    Rs 319,800/-
    3 Hp 15 panel system    Rs 444,900/-

    solar pumping
    Solar water pumping system

    The system is good for

    Drinking water for people and animals in remote area. Irrigation for Farm lands. Desertification Control. Swimming Pools. City Landscape water supply. Inverter Manufacturer Warranty One Year. (Can be extended up to 5 years with extra payment) 10 years Manufacturer Warranty & 25 years liner performance warranty. Mounts, Brackets and Installation Need extra cash payments. It is very easy to install the plug and operate model. Training will be provided Free of charge by eGreen Lanka.

    22 years
    25 years
    InvertersNo of PanelsPrice of PanelsDC Wire 10M & ContactsTotal
    1 hp INVT05Rs. 78,750/-Rs. 4,500/-Rs 195,750/-
    2 hp INVT10Rs. 90,300/-Rs. 4,500/-Rs 319,800/-
    3 hp INVT15Rs. 102,900/-Rs. 4,500/-Rs 444,900/-
    solar Water Pumps

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    E Green Lanka staff will visit your place to select a suitable pumping system to suit your water requirements.
    Once every thing is agreed our professional staff will layout the system and will solve your domestic water needs.

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